Men’s Short Sleeve Purple Seditionaries Shirt – Medium


Men’s Purple Seditionaries Shirt

Size Medium, made in the UK

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'Give me danger!'

We have loads more Seditionaries Short Sleeve shirt designs available in our store!

We've been busy in our workshop making up a whole new bunch of SEDITIONARIES style shirts, made with lots of punky love by our grubby hands

Each one of these shirts are completely unique- no two are the same!

Some new and some second-hand (lots of vintage army shirts), but all picked for their decent quality and looks!



Shirt size: Medium

This shirt measures: Armpit to armpit - 23" / 59cm

As a rule, if the collar fits, the chest and shoulders will too! Collar size: 15.5" / 39cm


All of these Seditionaries shirts are hand printed with a secret formulation of discontinued inks

Keep your eyes peeling for more designs, we are constantly listing new designs

All of these shirts are unique and no two are the same, but if you do see a style you'd like but it's not available in your size, please do give us an email!



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